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Open ticket
Date of purchase 03 December 2023
Validity date
from 03 December 2023
to 02 December 2024
Full rate long course
14,90 €
- +
Rate age 13-17 long course
14,00 €
- +
Rate age 4-12 long course
8,25 €
- +
Gratuit 20s (- de 4 ans)
- +
Full rate short course
11,50 €
- +
Rate age 13-17 short course
10,70 €
- +
Rate age 4-12 short course
6,60 €
- +
Gratuit Ile (- de 4 ans)
- +



Open Ticket: opt for freedom!


The open ticket is a pass that you may exchange at our ticket offices or on our online sales site.


How do I buy my Open ticket?

  1. Your open-date ticket is valid for 1 year which starts on the day you purchased it.
  2. Select the type of ticket and the number of tickets you want to buy
  3. Make your payment

How do I use my Open Ticket?

  1. The open date ticket can be exchanged in our store (place de la Cathédrale) for a boarding ticket for a given day and time.
  2. The open date ticket can be exchanged directly on this website by going to “MENU / Exchange your tickets”, then by entering the 19-figure code found under the QR code on your open-date ticket.
  3. You may sign into your account and click on your order to exchange it directly against a boarding card.



N.B. the open ticket is not a boarding card. It may not be presented when you board the boat.

The open date ticket has a value for exchange and not entry for boarding a boat. In consequence, if you exchange a “Grand tour 2021 normal fare” open ticket for a place onboard a grand tour 2022, you must potentially pay the difference between the price of 2021 and 2022, if there has been a price increase.