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Platter of 16 petit fours
Prix : 24.00€

Thierry Mulhaupt has been one of the important pastry-chef chocolatiers at Strasbourg for 30 years. Enjoy looking at the sweet petits fours each more delectable than the next and that you’ll have difficulty choosing from.

Thierry Mulhaupt is one of the rare French artisan chocolatiers who makes his own chocolate from beans he selects throughout the world. The bags of beans that arrive in his laboratory are sorted by hand then roasted (yes, like coffee!) at low temperatures to retain a maximum of flavour all while keeping tannins and bitterness to a minimum.

He owns a 10-hectare farm in Colombia in the Quindio region, and even gives you the opportunity to sponsor a cacao tree as part of his great project transforming a plantain banana plantation into a cacao tree plantation that respects the environment combining the traditional farming methods and agroforestry.

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